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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can you really get free satellite television on your pc?

I have proved helpful in the gadgets business for a long period so I always keep an eye out for new technological innovation. I have lately being listening to a lot about tv solutions that allow you to look at satellite tv tv from your pc, laptop computer, and HD tv with no per month cost. This brings together my two preferred factors gadgets and preserving cash. So I made the decision to look into it to discover out if you can really get 100 % free tv or 100 % free satellite tv tv to your pc.

Unfortunately what I discovered through Google was a number of companies promotion their solutions, some Wetpaint and Blogger contacts promotion 100 % free satellite tv on your pc solutions, but not a lot of information on how and why it works.

Free Satellite TV on your PC is a Scam

After further searching through statements and marketing this is what I have discovered. It is a fraud. You pay between $20 and $50 for a application application that statements that you are going to get accessibility between 2,000 and 4,000 applications of tv straight to your pc. That is countless numbers more than wire TV. They declare you will get a multitude of difficult to discover worldwide applications, as well as all the best top quality, film, activities, information, and songs development. As opposed to conventional satellite tv tv, you do not need to fear about expensive devices or large satellite tv recipes. Basically you are getting 100 % free satellite tv tv on your pc.

What you really get is a list of websites loading 100 % free tv development. I am not discussing factors like Showtime and HBO, I am referring to mostly worldwide development and tv loading you will discover through search search engines like Google. Everything on their “program” is already easily available. All you have to do is go to the place website and choose the system you want to look at. For example if you go to they have many reveals that have already broadcasted and can be replayed on your pc. If you can not discover it on the applications site I can assurance you that you are not going to get it by buying one of these Satellite for PC or 100 % free tv development application applications.

These are the applications I discovered to remain away from:

SateliteTV for PC

TV on PC Elite

PC Satellite TV ….. and or any of the types of any of those.

I say sorry to those associates that are advertising the product here and elsewhere. Most of you probably have not actually bought the “software” and are just going by what their websites tell you. I am an internet professional myself, but this is one of those techniques to keep away from.

On one last observe, I have no control over the Google Ads. They are placed there by Google based on content, but if it's an ad trying to persuade you to buy the satellite tv on you pc solutions I extremely counsel you don't buy, but it's obviously your decision to discover out for yourself.

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